03/26/2020|News on the current situation Corona virus (COVID-19)

DMG MORI is available for you!

Health is priority! In this exceptional situation, our highest priority is to protect our employees, customers, partners & suppliers. At DMG MORI, we have taken early and comprehensive precautions to continue to be a strong and reliable partner at your side. That means:

DMG MORI is also available for you during this challenging time in the best possible way! The personal contact with you is very important for us!

Despite of the difficult times, we ensure to bring technology at your doorstep in the most efficient way. We are glad to share our expertise through live webinars from our experts. We also understand the production lag which will occur in next few days. To balance the same for you, we are happy to offer our ready to deliver machines at very exciting prices.

All our employees around the world have been strongly encouraged to work from home. With our highly motivated workforce and many of our employees typically working remotely, this shift has been relatively smooth and we will strive & continue to deliver the highest levels of performance.

Please do call our teams for any support related to sales, service & application. We will be happy to extend our support for the same.

Sales: Mr. Prashanth Guruprasad (prashanth.guruprasad@dmgmori.com, +91-9108437416)
Service: Mr. Sridhar Ramisetti (ramisetti.sridhar@dmgmori.com, +91-9632203362)
Application: Mr. Jose Varghese (varghese.jose@dmgmori.com, +91-9845374167)

In addition, consulting is of course available via our NETservice, via Skype or Microsoft-Teams. We offer you maximum service support even in this challenging situation.

We wish you all the best and hope you and your families stay healthy. 

Stay at home - Stay healthy - Stay safe!

Your DMG MORI Team

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