Faster production with DMG MORI Software:

  • 3D CAD/CAM systems: FeatureCAM (Autodesk), Siemens NX Cam and Esprit (DP technology)
  • Own DMG MORI software for key technology
  • NC-code simulation: VERICUT by CGTech and DMG MORI Virtual Machine
CAD/CAM Systems

An important Step to Automation

With CAD/CAM systems by DMG MORI, part information are provided directly during programming. While the machine is working, you can program the next parts. By using our DMG MORI key technologies, controls at the machines are placed prior to programming processes. With an appropriate level of standardization, programming times and machine interventions can thus be completely omitted.

CAD / CAM Systems


  • Secure programming of easy and complex machines and parts

  • Selection from three market-leading and proven CAM systems
  • Applicable to your machine fleet
  • Consulting, support and implementation from a single source

  • Application know-how, software and services from a single source of a machine manufacturer

  • High-performance additional modules

FeatureCAM by Autodesk

FeatureCAM by Autodesk

Recommended for: Prismatic parts


  • Easiest programming thanks to Feature Based Machining (FBM)
  • DMG MORI Technology Library
  • DMG MORI Adaptive Machining
  • DMG MORI perfect Simulation
  • Immediately suitable for automation

Implementation period: From 5 days’ basic training

ESPRIT by DP Technology

ESPRIT by DP Technology

Recommended for: All turn-milling parts


  • Synchronization management included
  • For all machine configurations
  • Applicable for GILDEMEISTER structure programming

Implementation period: 5 days’ basic training

NX CAM by Siemens

NX CAM by Siemens

Recommended for: Continuous product-lifecycle management


  • Construction and manufacturing from one single source
  • Individual manufacturing strategies
  • Elaborate simultaneous milling
  • Entire process mapping beginning with ERP
  • DMG MORI usage of measuring probes

Implementation period: From 10 days’ basic training

DMG MORI Key Technology for Highest Productivity

By using this DMG MORI software, process security on the machine can be increased while programming and running-in times are reduced. Intelligent measurement routines help to control part dimensions and actively manage subsequent machining steps.

Thus you ensure an automated production at the highest level

Additional Modules for CAM

DMG MORI Technology Library
DMG MORI Adaptive Machining
DMG MORI Technology Library

DMG MORI Technology Library

DMG MORI Technology Library is a data server that obtains process security and reduced throughput times by using configured technologies for drilling and milling.

Available for:
Autodesk FeatureCAM

DMG MORI Adaptive Machining

DMG MORI Adaptive Machining

Standardized controls by measuring probes during processing flows ensure a constant part quality.

Available for:
Autodesk FeatureCAM
Siemens NX CAM



CAM Agent is a software that is superordinated to FeatureCAM. It independently programs complex part functions pursuant to a pattern sample.

Available for:
Autodesk FeatureCAM


Worry-free Automation with NC-Code Simulation

NC-code simulation undertakes the task of laborious control before automated manufacturing. Running-times on the machines are reduced up to 90%, machine damages are avoided, and your programmers can spend more time on programming during job preparation processes.


  • Evaluation of NC programs
  • Avoidance of collisions
  • Analysis of interactions between torques, acceleration and cutting speed
  • Systematic registration and identification of areas for optimization

DMG MORI Virtual Machine


  • Fast, high-resolution simulation
  • Available for all machine and controls
  • Interfaces to lots of CAM programs
  • Processing of large datasets
  • Batch operation
  • Free viewer for workshops
  • Identification of needed tool programming lengths
  • Parts comparison
  • Feed rate optimization

Available for:
24 manufacturers

DMG MORI Virtual Machine

DMG MORI Virtual Machine

  • Integration of HEIDENHAIN or Siemens controls, behaves exactly like a real machine
  • Only available for DMG MORI machines
  • Support of any programming style with subprograms, jumps, etc.
  • Manual editing of complex turn-mill centers
  • Simulation of manually written programs
  • High suitability as a training system
  • Operation equivalent to control
  • CELOS integration available

Available for:
DP Technology ESPRIT
Siemens NX CAM 

Digital Tooling

Digital Tool Management for Job Preparation

Digital Tooling with CELOS realizes an entirely digitized and automated planning and control of tools. Thus, all needed tool information relevant to production processes are already provided during job preparation as well as directly at the machine.

Digital Tooling by DMG MORI


  • Complete digitization of tool data
  • Central administration of all necessary tool information
  • Continuous, scalable software solution for a shop floor tool management
  • Ready-to-use, immediately usable after installation
  • Automated data provision of needed tool data

Automated and Integrated

New optional APPs for a digital tool management offers you the possibility to create a continuous data flow, overcoming media gaps within your tool supply chain.

DMG MORI Programming

Advancement through Knowledge

The control identical DMG MORI Programming / Training Software offers the opportunity of workshop- and practice-oriented training within a classroom and independently of a CNC machine. Moreover, it is usable as an external programming station in the industrial sector.

DMG MORI Programming


  • 1 : 1 programming with control identical software
  • Location independent training and programming
  • Higher availability through PC programming and simulation
  • Increased knowledge, reduced errors through test runs on the PC
  • Export of created programs on your DMG MORI machines

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