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Your perfect entry into 5-axis ULTRASONIC machining

Max. X-Axis
650 mm
Max. Y-Axis
520 mm
Max. Z-Axis
475 mm
Max. workpiece diameter
630 mm
Max. workpiece height
350 mm
Max. workpiece weight
300 kg
Control & software alternatives

ULTRASONIC technology integration - reduced process forces for higher productivity

  • Technology integration via HSK-A63 interface for ultrasonic superimposition of the tool rotation with amplitudes up to 15 µm
  • Process forces reduced by up to 50% through ULTRASONIC enable, depending on requirements: higher feed rates, improved surface quality up to Ra <0.1 µm, longer tool life
  • Specific coolant treatment systems with centrifuges, optimized for the ULTRASONIC processing of Advanced Materials

ULTRASONIC 3rd Generation - Optimal process control through intelligent controls

  • Constant amplitude in the process to ensure reproducibility
  • Automatic detection of the working frequency, significantly improved hardware for signal acquisition
  • Frequency tracking and simultaneous power control in real time for optimal process stability
  • Ensuring the ULTRASONIC advantages even with non-optimal tools
  • Fully compatible with 2nd generation ULTRASONIC actuator

The right machine configuration for every requirement, from 3-axis to 5-axis simultaneously

  • Attractive 3-axis entry-level machine for ULTRASONIC machining - rigid table with 630 mm x 500 mm clamping surface and a maximum workpiece weight of 300 kg
  • Direct-Drive C-axis up to 300 rpm, with 4-channel rotary feedthrough for vacuum - the perfect machine for processing rings made of ceramic and quartz glass
  • Adaptive auxiliary spindle ULTRASONIC microDRILL with up to 32,000 rpm for small bores from Ø 0.1 mm with maximum process reliability

5-Axes Machining with up to 20,000 rpm

  • speedMASTER 15,000 rpm with 21kW and 111Nm in basic version 
  • speedMASTER 15,000 rpm with 46kW and 200Nm optionally available
  • speedMASTER 20,000 rpm with 35kW and 130Nm optionally available

Swivel Rotary Table for 5-Axes Simultaneous Machining

  • Table load up to 300 kg
  • Swivel area of the B-axis -35°/+ 110°  for highest flexibility
  • Cooled table bearings for highest precision

Tool magazine with 30 pockets in basic version

  • Loading of tools from the front even during machining
  • Excellent visibility and accessibility
  • 60 or 120 pockets optionally available


  • Comprehensive cooling concept for highest longterm precision
  • One-piece machine bed
  • Direct driven ball screw drives
  • Direct path measuring systems in all axes
ULTRASONIC 50 – The ideal and flexible entry into the world of ULTRASONIC machining
Exclusive DMG MORI Technology Cycles: ULTRASONIC microDRILL
Application Examples

Standard automation and customised solutions in the VERTICO design

Automation is a key element of digital production. Every DMG MORI machine can be upgraded with standard automation or with a customised automation solution for flexible manufacturing systems:

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Technology segment
Technology integration
Max. workpiece diameter
630 mm
Max. workpiece height
350 mm
Max. workpiece weight
300 kg
Work Area
Max. X-Axis
650 mm
Max. Y-Axis
520 mm
Max. Z-Axis
475 mm
Max. number of axes
Magazine capacity
Max. capacity
HSK-A63 Spindle
Production Type
Single parts
Small series (< 50)
Steel / Cast
Titanium / Inconel
Glass / Ceramics
Plastic / CFK