For the decisive expert advantage. With our CNC training, your productivity will gain momentum and produce results for your company.

Know-how in the field of CNC means productivity and competitiveness. The DMG MORI Academy is an international leader for passing on CNC knowledge – for the industry and in educational institutions. Take advantage of our comprehensive CNC training, which is available to our customers worldwide.


Know-how is success – courses for machine operators.


​​​​​​​Increase productivity, reduce programming and setup time, decrease operator errors, remain competitive. There are many reasons to choose DMG MORI Academy.

  • Modular and practical training in programming, set-up and in operating your DMG MORI machine
  • A choice of over 200 different courses
  • Training in our modern Training Centers or on-site
  • Always up-to-date: 50 modern DMG MORI training machines and 46 certified trainers
Training Plus

Individualized training according to your company’s requirements!

Training Plus

Your benefits

  • Full utilization of your DMG MORI machines
  • Optimisation of programme sequences
  • Increasing the technical know-how of your employees
  • Increasing employee motivation
  • Tailor-made training perfectly matched to your requirements
Service Training

Courses for maintenance staff- increase safety, lower costs!

Service Training

Flexible service training for your staff. Carry out maintenance work on your own, reduce costs and save time!

​​​​​​​Your benefits

  • Practice-related courses on the machine
  • Save costs and do maintenance jobs yourself
  • High degree of learning success due to small groups
  • Flexible course structure for your individual requirements


DMG MORI Academy - Bielefeld
DMG MORI Academy - Pfronten
DMG MORI Academy - Geretsried
DMG MORI Academy - Seebach
DMG MORI Academy - Wernau
DMG MORI Academy - Stuttgart
DMG MORI Academy - Klaus
DMG MORI Academy - Winterthur
DMG MORI Academy - Moscow
DMG MORI Academy - Ulyanovsk

DMG MORI Academy - Bielefeld

DMG MORI Academy - Pfronten

DMG MORI Academy - Geretsried

DMG MORI Academy - Seebach

DMG MORI Academy - Wernau

DMG MORI Academy - Stuttgart

DMG MORI Academy - Klaus 

DMG MORI Academy - Winterthur

DMG MORI Academy - Moscow

DMG MORI Academy - Ulyanovsk


DMG MORI Academy USA, Hoffman Estates

DMG MORI Academy USA, Hoffman Estates


DMG MORI Academy - Iga
DMG MORI Academy - Shanghai

DMG MORI Academy - Iga

DMG MORI Academy - Shanghai


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